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FR Putty Stick


What's special about this intumescent sealant?

  • Seals construction gaps, cable, insulated pipe, electrical conduit and metal pipe penetrations against air draft, smoke, noxious gas and flame spread
  • Intumescent elastomer is supplied in easy to use sticks
  • Never dries out or crumbles, which allows it to be reentered or reused multiple times
  • ul classifiedUp to a 3 hour of fire resistance per UL 1479 (ASTM E814), providing a cold smoke and draft seal
  • Abesco's Fire Rated Putty is an easy to use fire stop product that can be utilized in either new or old construction. It meets and exceeds all necessary specifications to successfully stop the spread of fire and to burn safely and cleanly. Its tool-less design allows installers to simply mold, put in place and move on.

  • When in contact with extreme heat or fire, the putty will expand nominally to 3 times its size, protecting and sealing out fumes and smoke
  • Burns cleanly without releasing corrosive gases, to eliminate harmful smoke or chemicals
  • Little to no odor, so long term evacuations are not necessary in the event of a fire
  • Long shelf life; because the putty doesn't dry out, having some in your tool box or warehouse “just in case” wont be a problem
  • Adheres to all common building surfaces, so there is no need to use multiple products to complete a job
  • No tools required to install, simply hand-mold and fit around surface
  • There is no need to worry about health concerns, as the putty contains no asbestos
  • Red in color, which specifies a fire stop product

       Compatible with the following building materials

  • Cement
  • Gypsum
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Metal and Plastic electrical boxes
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