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Fire Rated Mortar

  • Expands during cure
  • Easy to mix and install
  • Contains no asbestos or halogens
  • A non-spalling fire seal

Product Testing

Approved worldwide and recognized by independent authorities and tested in accordance with
ASTM E-814 (UL 1479)
BS 476 part 20
BS EN 1366-3
AS 1530.4

For up to 4 hours fire resistance.

Product Description

Abesco Fire Rated Mortar is a lightweight mortar compound which is designed to prevent the spread of fire from one compartment to another where services penetrate separating walls and floors, and provides up to 4 hours fire resistance.

Abesco Fire Rated Mortar consists of a specially blended powder which is supplied in easy to handle paper sacks. When mixed with water, Abesco Fire Rated Mortar forms a trowelable or pourable mixture which is easy to install and has excellent workability characteristics.

  • Can provide a loadbearing seal when used with suitable reinforcement.
  • Easy to install.
  • Simple refro-fitting of additional services.

WHERE DO I USE Fire Rated Mortar?

Abesco Fire Rated Mortar is particularly suitable for reinstating compartment floors where HVAC ducts, pipes and electrical services have been installed. Small holes and imperfections of fit can easily be "made good" using Abesco Fire Rated Mortar.

Typical buildings where Abesco Fire Rated Mortar is commonly used are:
Multi-story buildings with service risers. Communication and Broadcasting Facilities. Hospitals, Hotels and Apartment Blocks. Power Stations and Control Rooms.

Abesco Fire Rated Mortar can be used in walls or floors.


When exposed to the heat of a fire, the excellent thermal insulation properties of Abesco Fire Rated Mortar provides an effective barrier, preventing the passage of fire and smoke. Unlike sand and cement mortars or concrete, the special formulation resists shrinkage and cracking, and is not subject to spailing in a fire situation.

During installation and the curing process, Abesco Fire Rated Mortar actually expands ensuring that an excellent seal is possible even in irregular openings


Other Abesco Fire Rated products can easily be used In conjunction with Abesco Fire Rated Mortar. For example, where plastic pipes are installed in a service riser with other services, Abesco Pipe Collars or Abesco Fire Wraps can be used with the Mortar to provide the required fire rating.

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